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On an Android phone, Launcher is the homescreen. It is what you see when you are flipping between screens and playing with all those wonderful apps and widgets.

Stock Launcher in Android 2.2

It works for most, but there are some of us that would like a bit more zip and customization with our phones. If you are one of those, you should really check out LauncherPRO!

LauncherPRO beta is a superfast, snappy replacement for Android’s stock Launcher app by Federico Carnales. It is based off the original Launcher. It is easily configurable, and has some amazing functionality.

Immediately you can see a difference in the Dock. LauncherPRO replace the stock, uncustomizable dock with new icons. They are easily customizable shortcuts. Just long press on an icon and choose what shortcut you would like to be there. More on that later!

Here are some additional features:

  • Speed
  • Additional Home Screens
  • Customization
  • Scrolling Dock


I am not quite sure there is a computational way to measure the speed and snappiness of a Launcher app, but LauncherPRO is just faster. It feels faster and looks faster. There is no lag between screens. You can even adjust the “elasticity” of the dragging between screens.


LauncherPRO allows for changing the number of homescreens. You can have as few as two homescreens, or as many as SEVEN! It allows YOU to customize it to how YOU want it. Which is exactly what we Android users are looking for.

Additionally, LaucherPRO has a little trick up it’s sleeve. When you click the Home button on your phone while on the Homescreen you are presented with an animated into into a view of all your available screens. It is a pretty cool little feature when you are trying to find a shortcut and don’t want to slide through screens.


LaucherPRO adds an additional preferences menu to the normal Homescreen. These preferences allow you to totally customize all aspects of the app.

Here are all the preference pages.

There is a lot in there! One of the coolest features (which can supposedly be a little buggy) is the 3D app drawer. It creates an even larger 3D effect when you are scrolling through all your apps.

Another cool tweak is to add some effects to the dock. (Glass, Froyo & Froyo Wide)


As I mentioned before, LaucherPRO totally replaces the stock dock. You are not stuck with just the phone, app drawer and browser shortcuts. Now there are FIFTEEN customizable shortcuts. Just long press on an icon and choose what shortcut you would like.

LauncherPRO comes with some very nice custom icons from which you can choose, or you can use the stock app icons that are associated with your shortcut.

Not only can you customize the shortcuts, but you can also just swipe left and right on the dock and those fifteen shortcuts fly by. They are like mini homescreens!


I know all those new iPhone owners are all excited about the addition of folder functionality in their new iOS4. Well…Android has folders too…and we had it FIRST thanks to LauncherPRO. Not only that, but a folder in LauncherPRO has no limit on the number of apps you can put in their. I created one and added more than twenty apps. They scroll up and down just like they should be able to. Just longpress on an empty spot on your homescreen and you will see a new addition to the menu. Create the folder. Then drag an app onto the folder from the appdrawer or any of your homescreen icons.

You can then open the folder and see all the apps inside. To rename the folder long press the folder name at the top left corner of the opened folder.


As you can see LauncherPRO is a great alternative to the regular android Launcher app. Federico really puts a lot of work into it.

It is still in beta, but is updated regularly.  As of the date of this post it is version 0.6.2.

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